CanSupport has a wide range of services designed for cancer patients of all ages at all stages of their cancer journey. They are offered free of charge as the focus is on the underserved and less privileged who do not usually have the resources to cope. Our palliative care experts ensure that they remain pain free and continue to enjoy a good quality of life.  It is care that extends to the entire family. It includes bereavement counseling and rehabilitative support.

Our services include:

Helpage3Home Care

Our teams of doctors, nurses and counselors trained in palliative care make weekly visits to homes of patients too sick to travel. They provide high quality medical care, as well as psychosocial and spiritual support. CanSupport has a license from the Delhi Government to procure and dispense oral morphine thereby saving those under our care from unnecessary pain.

Out Patient ClinicsFormatFactoryDSCN1060

Our out-patient pain and palliative care clinics provide essential supportive care and ensure better outcomes for patients. We help prepare them for their  therapies and respond to side effects as soon as they occur. Consequently, not only are those who come more likely to complete their treatments but unnecessary hospitalizations are also avoided. We offer holistic care of the highest standard which meets the medical, nursing as well as psychosocial needs of both patients and their caregivers. It is a free service.

Day Care

Our Day Care programme for adults and children with cancer and their caregivers is manna from heaven. It is where feelings are expressed and experiences are shared in a safe and loving environment.  Our volunteers organize a host of creative and therapeutic activities designed to alleviate stress and bring hope and laughter back into the lives of patients and their shattered families.

Medical FraternityTraining and Education

Training and education form an integral part of CanSupport’s commitment to help set up palliative care services countrywide. Our trainers teach short and long-term courses as well as organise workshops in palliative care around the country so as to enable health professionals to better care for patients with debilitating and life limiting illnesses like cancer.

Telephone Helpline

Patients and their families also have access to a helpline for ready information about all aspects of cancer and care. Besides referral to our own services, the helpline also maintains a directory for those looking for financial support, etc. Those who man the helpline are trained to also offer emotional support over the phone. This is a confidential service which breaks the distance barrier.

CanSupport helps to fill a critical gap in services for the care of cancer patients, especially those who are poor or destitute. This is why our services are aimed at the less privileged and are entirely free of charge.