Organisation Name CanSupport 
Known by any other name in the past No
Legal status Society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860
Registration Number: S-30499
Dated 08.11.1996
Founder Ms. Harmala Gupta
Managing Committee [[Presently 10 Members]]
CEO Mr. Pankaj Mathur
Registered Address and contact details Kanak Durga Basti Vikas Kendra
Sector-12, RK Puram
New Delhi 110 022
Ph: 011-26102851/ 011-26102869
Fax: 011-26102859
Income tax Registration
(Under Section 12A of IT Act)
No. DIT (E) 96-97/466/96/516
Dated 13.02.1997
Income Tax Exemption
(under section 80G of IT Act)
50% tax exemption to donors
No. DIT (E) 2008-2009/C-466/540
Dated 04.06.2008
Income Tax Exemption
(under Section 35AC of IT Act)
 for CanSupport Home Care Project Fund
100% tax exemption to donors
Notification S.O. No. 1478 (E)
Dated 4.06.2015
F.No. 270/231/2008-NC
Income Tax Exemption
for CanSupport Corpus Fund
100% tax exemption to donors
Notification S.O. No. 1930 (E)
Dated 31.07.2014
F.No. 270/401/2004-SO
FCRA Registration Number 231660040
Dated 14.03.2000
Permanent Account Number  AAATC3017F
EPF Employer Code DL-36576
Statutory Auditor S. Sahoo & Co